Next Level Love – 30 Days to Your New Love Life

30 days to a new mindset and your new love life


What if I told you that it only takes 30 days to completely transform your love life?

You can create the confidence to attract great guys, date without anxiety and make dating fun again…just by being YOU. Forget Cosmo articles, the ‘rules’ and any B.S. about waiting for ‘fate’ to meet your man. You don’t need ‘luck’ to find love.

Truth is, I know for a FACT that there are quality men out there looking to meet someone like you, one who is ready for something long term and shows you how they feel so you never have to guess where you stand…

If you feel SO single while everyone around you seems to be getting married and popping out babies…know that it’s okay. I’ve been there and I’ve helped many other single women find love even when they thought it wasn’t possible.

Next level love is a culmination of the exact steps I took to attract my husband.

While everyone was working on their dating game and going out every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, I took another approach. I worked on myself within before I felt ready to date and attract the good guys.

This programme works and I know it can work for you too.

Here are some results you can expect from bootcamp:

  • Gain the confidence to date with certainty that you’ll meet your ideal man (how fun would dating be?!)
  • Know exactly how to attract a high quality man without doing ALL the work… 
  • Meet men who (like you) are ready to find someone to share their lives with
  • Learn how to create the emotional connection that leads to commitment
  • Totally be yourself and be loved for it
  • Relationship reset: identify all the roadblocks holding you back from finding the relationship you truly desire
  • The 1:1 support to help you find a love that makes you feel safe, secure and is totally reciprocated

What if THIS was the year you finally fell in love? 

And what if I told you it doesn’t have to take years and years to find it? If you’re anything like me, you’ll want results fast (who doesn’t?). 

I went from single to engaged in 12 months. And I wasn’t just “single”…I was single, terrified and constantly lived in a state of fear of not having the love and life I truly wanted. Did I also mention I was 31? For awhile, I felt panicked, like time was running out. You can read all about my freak out on and The Daily Mail.

After taking 2 years to recover from a breakup, I jumped back into dating in attempt to alleviate my fear of being alone. I numbly went on a string of dates, jumped from one non-committal relationship to another and gave myself an ass kicking every time a relationship fizzled (again).

It wasn’t until I decided to step up and take control of my life that things started to shift for me.

I learned that in order to see massive change, you need to take massive action.

For me, that massive action included a series of steps: total makeover on my mindset, identifying the key things holding me back from attracting good guys, a huge dose of self-love, learning what to look for in quality men, manifestation… I also made major tweaks to my online dating profile. This is the short version (I did more…because I was THAT committed to it). 

And it worked like a charm. I began attracting quality men and for the first time, dating was actually fun. In fact, so fun that I met my now husband. 

If I can do this, you can do. I say this to every woman I’ve worked with.

I’ve helped other women transform their love lives with my no b.s., tried and tested approach. Now I’m bringing this on a bigger scale to teach you EXACTLY what to do.



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  • One activity for you to focus on each day for 30 days
  • 5 x workbooks that will go DEEP and uncover what is holding you back from finding love. Get clear and empowered on what you need to action to remove those blocks
  • 5 x personal audio guides to jump start your self-discovery and push you to meet the men you are meant for


  • Personalised feedback from me on all workbooks
  • Weekly email access to me where I will personally answer your questions once a week


  • The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating Profiles
  • My Goddess Check List (to help bring out your inner goddess)
  • The Guide to Manifesting Love
  • My new mini ebook – The Simple Guide to First Dates
  • Downloadable affirmations and screen savers to help you create the mindset that attracts quality men

This is a 30 day bootcamp that takes your current love story and completely revolutionizes it. By taking small steps each day for 30 days, you see what is truly possible for you in terms of your love life, you will completely understand what has held you back this entire time, and you’ll be able to navigate the dating world in your city with an EDGE that blows away the competition (only, you will see you are no LONGER competing).

What To Expect + Things we’ll cover:


  • The simple psychological switches that will turn you into a man magnet (the good kind)
  • Learn how to attract men without doing so much work
  • How to filter out the men who aren’t right for you  and find the ones who are (right from the get-go)
  • Step into the women all men are drawn to (now is the time to own it and by the time we’re done you’ll have confidence like no other)
  • How to create an online dating profile that will attract top quality men
  • Map out the kind of guy you TRULY need and want in your life (and it’s not who you think)


  • Learn the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from full steam love
  • Divorcing your relationship ‘stories’ so you can be free to pursue the relationship you desire
  • Decluttering and revamping your relationship mindset (when you master this, all the worry and anxiety about dating and being single melts away)
  • Unleash your fears and date like you’ve never dated before (when you get to this place, dating is SO SO SO much fun).


  • Learn my pre-date toolbox that makes every first date a fun one (everytime!)
  • How to create emotional connection and deep attraction, the kind that keep you busy with 2nd, 3rd, 4th dates
  • 5 things to make a killer first impression (doesn’t just work on love relationships, these are GOLDEN)
  • Own your place as the high value woman who deserves the love you crave


  • How to go from casual to committed
  • How to deal with relationship fears that get in the way
  • How to create lasting connection
  • The 5 conversations you need to have before things get serious

Here’s what you get from bootcamp

  • One activity for you to focus on each day for 30 days
  • Personalised feedback on all course material
  • Email access to me throughout the 30 day period
  • 5 x workbooks that will go DEEP to discover how we can fast track your path to your ideal relationship 
  • 5 x personal audio guides to jump start your self-discovery and push you to meet the men you are meant for
  • All bonuses (i.e. checklists, workbooks, mini e-book are all yours)

Join me on this journey to change your love life for good.




(Valued at $1000)

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