Ultimate Guide to Texting Men

Ultimate Guide to Texting Men Navigate your way through texting and online dating filled with scrips and examples you can use.


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Excellent guidelines for texting during courting. Takes into account respecting others and how written communication differs. Best advice/keep it short.

Men and commitment

Men and commitment Understand what takes a guy to commit and how to talk to men about comitment.


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Amazing read. It includes links to audio to understand why some commit and others don't.

Mindset makeover

Mindset makeover A course to help you remove dating roadblocks and build a mindset that attracts love


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101 Conversation Starters Book

101 Conversation Starters Book 101 Conversation Starters for the not so chatty. If you struggle to find the right words to say when you're dating, this is the one for you. Learn how to ask flirt, date fearlessly and ask for what you want without seeming needy or clingy.


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