One on one date coaching for women

A programme designed to attract HIM


What is date coaching? 

Date coaching is the short cut to finding your ideal partner. During our sessions, we delve deep to help you find your one. The ingredients to finding your ideal relationship is a combination of the right mindset + knowing how to communicate your needs + an understanding of how men think.

What you can expect from date coaching

  • A blueprint to finding quality men who are ready for a loving, committed relationship

  • An online dating profile that will have all the right men swiping right

  • Bring fun and playfulness back into dating

  • Date fearlessly and receive love just for being YOU

  • How to ask for what you want without scaring men away

  • Experience a love that’s deep and meaningful, where a wedding and kids are in sight and neither of you are skirmish in talking about it

I don’t believe in games or ‘making men’ do anything. My approach is all about creating the best version of yourself and knowing how to communicate with men.

What success looks like 

  • A man who pursues you and treats you like his queen

  • A partnership that nourishes and energises you

  • A relationship where you can express what you need

  • Love. And certainty. No more wondering if he’s in it for the long haul

I’ve worked with many women (and men) to help them find their ‘one’, even when it seemed like they’d tried everything. If you no longer want to go into dating blind, get in touch to discuss how we can help you find your guy. 

Prefer to chat over the phone? Book a call with me.

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