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It’s Complicated

How To Deal When a Relationship Fizzles in the Early Stages of Dating


I’ve stayed true to one thing since I’ve started – all breakups hurt. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only dated a few weeks, months or years, a breakup (especially those that are unexpected) feel like a kick to the gut. I’ve written about breakups after long-term relationships before but a few weeks ago, I…

The one thing lacking in many relationships

As a dating and relationships blogger/coach, I’m grateful that I get to chat to singles and couples about their relationships on a daily basis. The issues they come to me with are always slightly different from the other but there’s always one underlying theme – one thing these relationships lack. And that one thing lacking in…

What To Do When You’re In a Relationship Limbo


Relationship limbo – the point where you’ve established that you and your love interest are more than friends but not yet in a relationship. In my single days, I found myself in relationship limbo on numerous occasions. It’s not fun when you don’t know where you stand. The anxiety, the overanalysing of texts and gestures….