6 things to invest in before a first date

First dates can be exciting, but they can also be nerve-wracking. “What do I wear?” “What questions should I ask?” “What if we don’t have a common interest?” are only some of the questions that start to pop into your head. While first dates will always be bound to give you some butterflies, you can help eliminate some of those nerves by preparing ahead of time. Here are 6 investments to make before a first date that will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the dating world!  

6. A Manicure: There’s nothing that can help make a woman feel fully put together for her first date like getting a great looking manicure. If you want to make sure you’re getting the absolute bang for your buck, go with a gel manicure and you’re guaranteed to have your picture-perfect nails for at least 2 weeks without them chipping. With warm weather here, it’s especially beneficial to splurge a little and go for the pedicure as well as you’ll likely be wearing open-toed shoes.

5. An outfit that makes you feel awesome: Confidence is key when going out on a first date. Make sure that you choose to wear the perfect outfit that makes you feel confident from heel to toe. With Summer still in the air, try to wear something that flows but also shows off some of your figure, like an off the shoulder dress. If you’re going to wear jeans, make sure to check the weather beforehand, in order to avoid possibly feeling sweaty and sticky later on throughout your date. Stay in the loop on the dos and don’ts of first date outfits!

4. A comfortable bra and underwear: It’s not just what you wear on the outside, but also what’s underneath your desired outfit that’ll help make a world of a difference. First dates are already stress-inducing, so there’s no need to go into it worried about a nip slip or a defined panty line showing. Make sure to invest in a bra that will keep you fully secure and confident throughout your date. With the summer heat, make sure to also stock up and buy some lightweight, breathable underwear that won’t have you worrying about any stickiness down under

3. Cute (but also walkable) shoes: Summer is the perfect time to show off that freshly done pedicure and break out your cutest pair of heeled sandals. But we all know how sometimes the cutest pair is not always the most comfortable. If your first date is going to include activities like salsa dancing or walking around your local street fair, make sure that you’re wearing shoes that are comfortable and supportive. If you buy a brand-new pair of shoes specifically for your date, do a test run with your purchase to make sure you’ll be comfortable from the start of your date to the end!

2. At home facial: Ensure that your skin will be feeling and looking its absolute best by performing an at home facial the day before your date. If you’re looking for your next best face mask, Lush offers a wide variety of masks that will work wonders for your skin. If you love DIY and are looking to save some cash, try a homemade mask that will have your skin thanking you immensely!

1. Self-love: Saved the best (and most important) for last! While out in the dating world, having inner self-confidence and self-love is really the most imperative thing. While this isn’t something that you can acquire just magically overnight or purchase at the store, it’s something that you can constantly work towards. And it will make you embrace who you truly are. Reciting positive affirmations to yourself or giving yourself daily compliments can help do just that. Having confidence and self-love will make your first date easy when it comes to talking about yourself. Your date will be able to see the real, amazing woman you are!

What do you think is important to invest in when it comes to a first date?


Iona is a Wellness Coach specialising in relationships and dating. She works with single women to write their own love stories.