How to attract a husband: FAQ

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “how to attract a husband”. If you’ve been following my blogs and YouTube channel you’ll know that I don’t believe in luck when it comes to love. In fact, I firmly believe that if you set your intention to find it and you are committed to doing the inner work, attracting your person can come pretty quickly.

Here are three things you can do today to help you attract a husband:

Don’t be afraid to set the intention and claim the love you’re looking for

If it’s love you’re looking for, don’t be scared to admit. I know how terrifying it feels to put it out there in fear of the disappointment you’ll face if you don’t find it. But one of the biggest roadblocks I see starts right there at the beginning. I see women denying the love they crave because they don’t know if it’s meant for them – it is. You just need to make that intention really clear.

Date with purpose

Get really clear on what type of guy you’re looking for. Know the type of guy who’ll meet all your emotional needs. When you do this it’s so much easier to filter out the men who aren’t quite right. What you’re looking for here is someone you’re attracted to, someone with similar values and someone with a shared interest for a long-term relationship.

Understand your own roadblocks

The best time to learn how to be a great partner is when you’re single. Now is the perfect chance to understand your roadblocks and your relationship patterns. Your patterns are the reason you keep attracting the same type of relationships. They shape the mindset that drives the type of men you attract into your life.

If you want to learn more, watch the video in full.

As you may know, my story started from a life-changing breakup. It was followed up some sad dating stories and me in a panic about whether I’d ever meet my person. I just KNEW that this kind of mindset was killing my vibe and I knew I wasn’t having fun. In fact, I was jaded from dating. But it was the shift in mindset and the inner work I did that completely changed the kind of men I was attracting in my life. It’s why I’m such a massive advocate on mindset work.

Up for the challenge? Download the 14 day mindset challenge printable.



Iona is a Wellness Coach specialising in relationships and dating. She works with single women to write their own love stories.