9 reasons you should date a younger guy at least once

Date a younger guy at least once

Author: Hannah Malone

For many, scrolling and swiping through men on dating sites is like the window shopping of the romantic world. With so many options to filter through, it’s tempting to open up your filters, and therefore your dating options, to guys you wouldn’t normally think of spending time with. Dating sites are the perfect places to check out younger men in your area.

Dating a cute younger guy at least once is worth your time for so many reasons. Women celebrities who could date anyone they want do it all the time, and so should you, at least once, and here’s why.

Reason #1: Younger guys are confident

There are a number of things that intimidate men in dating. Younger guys haven’t had years of failed relationships; younger guys haven’t climbed all the way to the top and been fired. Younger guys haven’t been worn down and accepted mediocracy yet, and they’re confident in themselves and their future. You can go out with a younger guy on a date and just see the confidence in himself radiate. Dating a confident a younger guy will make for fun dates, great conversation, and the sense of adventure you’ve been looking for.

Reason #2: Younger guys are HOT

This is obvious, but I had to make sure I said it. Younger guys are more fit than older ones. Chances are younger guys haven’t started balding yet like their older counterparts. Younger guys are more likely to follow new fashion trends, and dress up on dates to impress you. Younger guys are if nothing else, a huge upgrade as far as surface value goes. If it doesn’t work out, you can always tell your girlfriends, “God, he was hot though.” So what’s there to lose?

Reason #3: Younger single guys are easy to find

One of the biggest problems with dating when you are over 30 is that the pool of attractive and interesting men is not as big as it was in your 20’s. Many men are in committed relationships and a lot of the remaining men have other issues. You should consider looking a little younger if you want to make things easier on yourself.

Finding younger single men interested in an older woman is easier than it has ever been. If you find yourself attracted to younger men, there are now  dating websites that offer advice for older women to meet younger men.

Reason #4: Younger guys have a contagious ambition

Younger guys are at the start or early years of their careers, and they’ve got huge hopes for their future. They see themselves in penthouses and Lamborghinis; they can’t help but talk about how they’re going to make partner at their firm. This kind of ambition will rub off on you, and you may even find yourself performing betting in your own career. At least in the U.K. one study found that women who dated younger guys did better in their professional lives than women who didn’t. A hot younger guy in your life and a promotion? Who could complain about that?

Reason #5: Younger guys are really into your experience

Older guys see your experience, your scars, and the memories that guide you through decisions as baggage. Younger guys love to hear about the things you’ve been through, and they love to learn from the experiences you share with them. Not to mention – your past life or lives have taught you exactly what you want, and because of that, you’re glowing confidence too. Just like you’re attracted to a younger guys radiating confidence, he’s into yours.

Reason #6: Younger guys are willing (and wanting) to please

Chances are, if you’re dating a younger guy, he’s been interested in dating an older woman just like you to date for awhile. Just like you, he’s been scrolling through dating sites, window shopping for the older woman of his dreams to meet and date. So when it comes time for him to prove he’s worth keeping around, he will bend over backwards for you (especially if that’s what you’re into.)

Convincing you to keep them around aside, younger guys want to learn hot to actually please you, and they know they’ll truly learn something because you know what you want, and they expect you to not rest until you get it. Younger women (as you know) are far more likely to fake getting what they want in order to please a guy, and younger guys dating older women are sick of this and looking to learn something real.

Reason #7: Younger guys love your even headedness

Younger guys have dated the younger girl who sweated every single small thing there ever happened. He texted 5 minutes too late, and she thought they were breaking up. He forgot what her favorite food was and made something else – she thinks he never listens. He brought her to an event and actually networked while he was there and she threw a fit in the parking lot saying that he doesn’t actually value her presence.

He’s over it, and he know you’re not going to put value on the things that don’t matter. As an older woman you are even headed, and you hold him accountable for the things that really matter, and it’s a breath of fresh air for you both.

Reason #8: You’ll probably save money on uber

If you’re dating a younger guy, chances are, you’re going to be spending a lot of time at your place rather than his. While he’s got ambition and confidence, he also has a shared apartment with 2 or 3 other guys. When his roommates are gone for the weekend maybe he’ll clean the place up and have you over for a movie and homemade dinner, but the rest of the time will be spent in your hard earned apartment. This means less $ on uber, and more time with your dog.

Reason #9: They last longer

It’s true. I’m not kidding. According to a study done by Prevention Magazine 29% of women said their main reason for choosing to date a younger guy was because of his high levels of energy and stamina. Dating a younger guy means you might be the one unable to keep up, and, chances are, that’s going to be a very welcome change in your dating life. 

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Iona is a Wellness Coach specialising in relationships and dating. She works with single women to write their own love stories.