How to change your love life in 30 days

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If you’re reading this, it’s likely that there’s room to grow when it comes to your love life. Nothing wrong with that. Whether you’re single or in a relationship,  there’s always room to grow. A few years ago, I would’ve thought i’d be impossible to change your ‘luck’ in love in just 30 days. But having seen the success people have had with bootcamp, it’s completely changed my thoughts on just how things can change when we want them to.

Let’s say you’re sick and tired of attracting the wrong men/women and mediocre relationships that don’t have that deep and intimate connection you’re looking for or maybe you’re just really sick of being single. If you’re tired of your own dating patterns, view it as feedback to make a change. Your current circumstances are a reflection of your actions (subconscious and conscious). Change your actions and you’ll change your circumstances.

Here are 5 ways to transform your love life in 30 days:

1.Unlearn what you know about dating and relationships

If you’ve been applying the same dating advice and reading the same kind of books and articles with no result, unlearn everything you know about dating relationships. There is so much crap out there that sometimes it’s more helpful to unlearn and relearn.

2.Identify your dating patterns

You can’t break dating patterns if you don’t know what they are. On a superficial level most will say they know what their dating patterns are i.e. attract narcissists, emotionally unavailable men, commitment-phobes…etc but there are so many patterns we create unknowingly. To dig deep, start with the following questions:

When you meet a love interest, who do you react? i.e. some women get caught up in the infatuation stages of a relationship or eliminate dating other men as soon as they meet someone they might like…

How do the relationships begin? i.e. are they always filled with drama or uncertainty or maybe it’s that you get into relationships without knowing what they’re really getting into.

Think of the last 3 relationships you’ve been in. How did they end? What were the reoccurring problems?

Now think of the last 3 men you dated. What did they have in common?

What are 3 words that come up when you hear or see the words dating or relationship?

3. Tune into your mindset

Many women reach out to me feeling powerless over their love lives. There’s always something happening to them. But we have a lot more control over our relationships than we think. If you’ve read any of my work, you would know that your mindset creates your reality. In my 30 day programme Next Level Love we do ALOT of mindset work and I’ve seen it reduces anxiety in dating, increased self love/worth and shifts the quality of relationships you attract.

4. Identify your needs without changing who you are

Society has taught us that in a relationship we can’t be a certain way i.e. it’s not ok to be needy and dependent, it’s not ok to nag…etc. When we continue to date people who can’t give us what we need there’s often a tendency to blame ourselves for expecting too much when really, it’s a matter of unmet needs. The trick in attracting a relationship that serves you is to find a partner who can satisfy your needs.

5. Expectations

I’m a believer that we should all have benchmarks in every area of our lives but some have expectations that have nothing to do with their happiness. They are expectations that come from convention or what you think may make you happy. In the 30 day bootcamp, we uncover what your expectations are, where they come from and whether they are a roadblock for your love life.

As you may know, I don’t believe in luck when it comes to love. With the right tools and knowledge, change can happen sooner than you think. I went from single to engaged in 12 months and many of my bootcamp members have met their partners sooner than they thought.

Want to learn more about the Next Level Love Bootcamp? Learn more about the bootcamp here.


Iona is a Wellness Coach specialising in relationships and dating. She works with single women to write their own love stories.