How Acne Can Affect Your Love Life

How acne can affect your love life

A less than flawless complexion can dampen your confidence when you need it most. As someone who had mild acne in high school, I can personally relate the the new research released:

The study, commissioned by LEO Pharma, highlighted that acne doesn’t discriminate when it comes to matters of the heart.

On top of the nerves that might exist when talking to someone you’re interested in, the study found that for almost 9 out of 10 (87%) acne sufferers, there’s the added stress of feeling self-conscious about their skin.

Acne can affect people of all ages and genders and leave emotional scars that outlast the physical. The research also found that:

  • Three quarters (77%) of acne sufferers have had a negative experience in a romantic context due to their skin, including backing out of an opportunity to speak with a romantic interest
  • 53% of women feel ashamed of their spots and/or acne scarring
  • 70% of men are more likely to believe acne reduces their chances of starting a new relationship
  • Over 80% of people agree that everyone would prefer their partner didn’t have acne
  • Skin condition has made an impact on romantic relationships on 3 in 5 (58%) acne sufferers and half (52%) of all teenage acne sufferers

These new, in-depth figures reveal just how much a person’s wellbeing can be compromised, even for those with adult acne.

“While the ‘right’ person may not notice a potential partners’ acne, that doesn’t necessarily ease the nerves or feelings of self-doubt when going on dates and meeting new love interests. In my profession, I’m lucky to be able to help people regain their self-confidence to live their best lives”, Dr John Sullivan, Dermatologist.

Dealing with acne

For Australians with moderate-to-severe acne, a new treatment has now been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Clinically proven and offering high safety and efficacy, Kleresca® has been shown to provide nine out of 10 (89%) patients with an improvement in their acne severity and one in three patients the chance to reach clear or almost clear skin.

Kleresca® uses BioPhotonics – a new, unique light conversion system designed to stimulate the skin and improve complexion – to treat acne and reduce the signs of scarring by encouraging the build-up of collagen. The treatment uses a high intensity, in-clinic light device together with a photoconverter gel to kill bacteria in the skin and initiate healing.

Available through certified Kleresca® dermatology clinics, patients are required to have treatments twice a week for six weeks. As the deeper layers of the skin respond, Kleresca® produces long-lasting and noticeable improvements to the skin even after the treatment has ended. In clinical trials, 92% of patients who were followed up after the initial 12 week duration, retained their results for at least six months.

My thoughts

They say beauty is skin deep but when an external factor like acne is affecting your confidence, it can bring up insecurities that hold you back from being you. Having experienced acne in my high school I can definitely say that all the facials, creams, medicine were worth the money to get my skin cleared and technology is improving everyday. I asked the guys at Klerseca if there were any side affects, to date, I’m told there have been none reported – sounds pretty good to me.


Iona is a Wellness Coach specialising in relationships and dating. She works with single women to write their own love stories.