Why the Bachelor Loves the Woman All Other Women Hate

why the bachelor loves corinne

I confess. I have been watching this season’s Bachelor and I am loving it. I may not always get through the full hour but with every episode I learn something new – like why Bachie is loving Corinne when every other woman on the show and all women watching the show hate her (me included). I’ve heard rumours that she makes it to the hometown visits and I’m not surprised.

But Corinne knows the way to a man’s heart and it’s not sex (well, it’s not all sex).

She focuses on him and only him

Don’t get me wrong. I value my friendships but when you’ve signed yourself up for a national TV show to find love, it’s only natural that you focus on that, especially when there are 24 other women vying for one man’s attention. Corinne isn’t on the bachelor to make friends. She has one goal in sight. While all the other women are using their rare 1:1 time to bitch about Corrine, she does the exact opposite. She focuses on her time with her man. 

She keeps it playful

Whether she is showing up in nothing but a trench coat or wrestling with Nick in a jumping castle, she is consistent in bringing the fun. I don’t like that she leads and seduces with sex (95% of the time, that won’t lead to a relationship that lasts) but I have to admit that she keeps it fun. Notice how Nick’s body language tenses up every time a woman pulls him away to vent, share their grievances…etc. While he may seem patient and attentive, it’s clear that he isn’t having a good time. Men (and most people) associate experiences to people. In this case when Jasmine pulled Nick away from his 1:1, not only did she draw him away from a good time, she then proceeded to project all her frustrations and negative energy on Nick. To him, Jasmine = debbie downer. It’s the reason why she got sent home. In the early days of dating, it’s meant to be fun and light hearted. Corinne brings that to the show. 

She doesn’t give a F&*(

Love her, hate her – Corinne doesn’t care. Never mind that she is a fully grown adult and has a nanny…yes a nanny! She has enough personality traits that make you want to hate her. But she doesn’t give a f&*. That’s her advantage. She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and shows up to every date with confidence – and you can tell Nick loves it. 

Corinne isn’t the type of woman I would be friends with and I question her intentions and feelings for Nick but if there’s one thing I know for sure – she is great at nailing the initial stages of dating and creating attraction.

For all the bachelor fans out there, I would LOVE to know what you think. Corinne – yay or nay?

Who do you think is going to win?

If reality tv isn’t your thing and you don’t know who Corinne is, watch her interview with Ellen.


Iona is a Wellness Coach specialising in relationships and dating. She works with single women to write their own love stories.