I’d Say No to a 2 Carat Diamond…Really I Would


why-i-would-not-want-engagement-ring2 carats. Yellow diamond. Cushion cut. That was the ring I wanted about 8 years ago. And now that I’m a bit older and saving for a home deposit, I think it’s ridiculous to want that kind of rock for more reasons than one.

My partner and I could have all the money we’d ever want and I still wouldn’t want a 10k+ engagement ring (I mean it). Here’s why:

1. Diamonds are Just for Show

I wanted that 2 carat yellow diamond ages ago because everyone else had one (and I wasn’t quite ready to stray from convention yet). When a friend got engaged, the first question others would ask was – ‘how big is the ring’? If it was 2 carat+, they’d say ‘wow, he must really love her’, as if the size of the diamond was a reflection of his love (absurd but it still happens). In some industries and social circles, you are judged by the size of your rock. It’s a competition I don’t want to be part of.

2. My Priorities are Different

10k is a trip overseas for both my partner and I. No ring (big or small) can replace the memories we’d have from a trip of a life time.

3. It’s Just a Piece of Jewellery

I lose jewellery all the time. Rings, bracelets, anklets…you name it. I’m not suggesting that I’d lose my engagement ring but carrying a 10k piece of jewellery is a lot of pressure. 

4. I Have Small Fingers

Just like dressing for your body size, the size of your rock should be relative to the size of your fingers. Lucky for me, any ring I get would look pretty sizeable on my slim fingers. 

5. You’re Not Marrying the Ring, You’re Marrying the Man

You’d hope to have both for a lifetime but if you’re more concerned about the ring than the man, you should reconsider getting married.

HOW MUCH WOULD HE SPEND ON THE RING ANYWAY? (Excerpt from our free ebook – That’s What He Said)

It’s not 3 months salary. We asked 100 men how much they’d spend on an engagement ring and when it comes to setting a budget for engagement rings, younger men tend to have a bigger budget in mind.

50% of men in the 18-25 age bracket said they would spend over 7k on an engagement ring vs 40% of men in the 26-39 age bracket.

As the men get older, they seem to spend less on the ring.

35% of men in the 31-35 age brackets and 43% of men from 36-40 would spend over 7k.

Only 12% of men in the 41-45 age bracket would spend the same (7k) amount. 

How much would you expect him to pay?

I wouldn’t actually say no if my partner presented me a 10k engagement ring with his proposal but he knows that that’s not what I’d want. How much would you want him to spend on an engagement ring?


Iona is a Wellness Coach specialising in relationships and dating. She works with single women to write their own love stories.