Are Your Hobbies Unsexy?

top-sexy-hobbiesMy hobbies are blogging and dance (swing, blues, rock n roll). Never did I consider whether they were sexy or not. Well it turns out they’re not. See how yours match up against 75,000 Australian singles.

A study by EliteSingles looked at what hobbies Australian singles deemed as sexy and what pastimes Australians deem attractive in a partner.

Apparently our idea of ‘sexy’ is pretty ordinary. See list below.

·         The most unsexy hobbies are rugby, equestrian sports and racket sports

·         Even adventure sports failed to make it into the top ten;  Australians prefer their lovers to have more… sedate… hobbies such as reading, gardening and arts & crafts

·         Travelling is the most attractive hobby

Surprisingly, hobbies traditionally seen as ‘impressive’ fell short; hiking, climbing, sailing and adventure sports all failed to make the top ten, and rugby was ranked in the bottom three, along with equestrian sports and racket sports.

The 10 Most Appealing Hobbies Were:

1.       Travelling

2.       Fine Dining

3.       Cinema

4.       Music

5.       Health and fitness

6.       Reading

7.       Photography

8.       Gardening

9.       Theatre

10.    Arts & Crafts

Did our dating panel agree? We asked them what hobbies they deemed sexy.

Mike: Well the list isn’t surprising but I found 2&8 really hard to believe. Fine dining is really subjective so it depends on how the survey was worded and gardening? I’d like to know the sample of this survey.

Jess: That’s like every hobby I can think of…. so surely yours would fall into any category right?

Nate: I think this survey may have had a sample of very sophisticated daters. As a bloke, I’d have to say most guys will name sports at the top of the list.

My take? I don’t have a preference on the hobbies my partner is interested in. Mine doesn’t like to dance but that’s okay. He’s passionate about other things and passion is sexy. I think it’s important for someone to have hobbies (any hobby will do so long as it’s legal) because there’s nothing more dull than someone who just goes to work and goes home to the television.

What do you think? Does it matter if you and your partner have different hobbies? 

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Iona is a Wellness Coach specialising in relationships and dating. She works with single women to write their own love stories.