5 Reasons: Why Getting Married at 30 is a Great Idea


A picture of a man giving flowers to his lover on a winter day

Why You Should Try to Get Married After 30

By Garima S

It’s a universal confession, most of us have a mental checklist which starts as soon we enter college. The proverbial checklist reads something like this:

Get the dream job

Date the hottest guy or girl in College

Go backpacking

Save for a car

The list goes on….

Amidst this, there’s probably a time you thought of finding the right He or She and get hitched. I always thought of getting married in the year I turned 30 and fortunately that worked out for me. Throughout my college and professional career, I was the ambitious, career-oriented kind but there was never a doubt that if I find the right guy, I would not think twice before saying ‘I do’. Now that I am married I feel absolutely great that I chose to settle down with a guy that I love and he respects me for who I am. Looking back, I feel I did the right thing by taking my time and not saying ‘yes’ just because of peer or societal pressure.

So I definitely recommend that getting married at 30 is great! Here are my 5 Reasons:

You are Financially Secure

This is the time when you are way ahead of the internship and freshman jobs. You have worked hard to reach a certain benchmark in your career and you have decent savings in your bank account. Let me tell you that financial security brings a sense of relief and you are actually looking forward to start a new phase of your life because you are prepared for the life ahead (well, some part of it at least!). Marriage expenses can be overwhelming for many, but if you are prepared the experience is really enjoyable. Me and my husband had ample time to plan our wedding and we throughly loved the whole process and I bought a $2000 wedding dress without blinking my eye!

2. You have dated the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Friends set you up, office hook-ups, family arranged matches and blind dates…you have seen them all and you most likely have an idea of what works for you and what doesn’t. You also know about lost love, I mean someone who was perfect but you let it go; so next time when you feel that romance again, you know what to do! After going on a credible number of dates, I could actually see through the genuineness and the pretence in the men I met. Also, at this point in your life you seek a real connection that’s not fixated on oh-so-handsome looks. You want to be with someone who’s dependable and sees the big picture with you 🙂

3. You Love Yourself
You have come into your own, you appreciate your identity and your personality. Confidence is perhaps the most attractive accessory of a 30-year-old. Getting married is not about filling a void in your life. Marriage is about sharing your life with someone you love and still be ‘yourself’. If you love yourself, it will be easier for you to love someone without any insecurities. I feel loving yourself makes you more giving and generous in a relationship. So give yourself a pat on the back and stop being critical of yourself.

4. You Have Unforgettable Experiences
You have some unforgettable travel memoirs that make for a great conversation. The point is that you have experiences that have added a great deal of substance to you personality. Now isn’t that a great package for your partner! I was a professional journalist and travel junkie before I met my husband, and of course we had so much to share be it travel stories and love for good food. I feel different experiences, the highs and lows make you more open minded and receptive to people, which adds value to any relationship, especially marriage.

5. You have the Right Emotional Quotient 

You know that marriage is more than flipping through bridal magazines and picking the right dress. You look at life as a whole and you are looking forward to sharing responsibilities with the one you love. I feel you as you get older your real beauty secret is the emotional wisdom; it gives so much strength to your personality which is attractive for many wise men 🙂 Would you have the same perspective at 23? I bet not!


Iona is a Wellness Coach specialising in relationships and dating. She works with single women to write their own love stories.