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Robyn Lawley – Pantene’s Newest Ambassador

This week we’re talking about what men think of your body and it was inspired by this month’s issue of Marie Claire.

From hashtags like #fitspo #fitspiration to phrases like ‘Strong is the New Skinny, there’s no doubt we’re seeing a shift in the perception of the ideal body. Though the new skinny is no longer about reaching an ideal weight, many of us still have hang ups when it comes to having the ideal body. Pantene’s newest ambassador Robyn Lawley graced the cover of Marie Claire this month and she looks amazing. Though she is labeled as a plus size model – she is probably the healthiest looking cover model I’ve seen in months (well done Marie Claire and Pantene!) All this change in our perception of body image had us wondering if men and women were on the same page.

Our perception of the ideal body has changed but has this change the way men think of your body? 

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What do you think of Robyn Lawley’s body in the latest issue of Marie Claire?

Michael: Her body is alright. She’s not super skinny but she’s not fat either. Why? Is she a plus sized model or something? I don’t like the way her boobs pop out of that swim cozie. It’s not all that practical.

Derek: This obviously looks like it’s been photoshopped but I’m surprised that they didn’t photoshop her waist even more. I can see where this question is going – she is definitely what I’d call plus size even though the fashion industry is.

Nick: Is this the picture you’re referring to? If so, she looks great. I am not sure about the swimsuit though. I also wonder how much airbrushing has been done to her.

Ty: She looks alright. I don’t like the swimsuit and she looks photoshopped. 

What do you think an ideal body size should be?

Michael: A size 10 or under but that depends on how tall/big you are. It’s all relative anyway. Shorter guys will want smaller girls…

Derek: I have no idea…

Nick: The ideal body size for the person or the ideal body size for me? I think the answer is very personal, but for a woman, I would say as long as they’re fit and healthy, it doesn’t really matter. If a person’s weight affects their health, it is probably time to do something about it.

When I look for a partner though, the scale is different. I call it the Big Spoon, Small Spoon Ratio. I am 183am and 100kg and lying down there is a particular size and shape of woman that fits perfectly together with me. Not too big, not too small. Just right.

Ty: I don’t know sizes…

Which celeb/model has the ideal body?

Michael: I’d say Lara Bingle or Jessica Gomes. Scarlett Johansson is OK but too much for me.

Derek: Blake Lively

Nick: In the interest of research, I spent a little time Googling beautiful women. Just Google “South American Actresses” and you will have your answer.

Ty: Jessica Gomes

What does a fit women look like to you?

Michael: Fit to me is a flat stomach and no tuck shop arms. Toned but not ripped.

Derek: No flab or love handles. Someone who looks healthy…not skinny but not fat either.

Nick: A woman looks fit to me if there is a little tone in her muscles, a glow in her skin, an optimum level of body fat and generally a healthy look about her.

Ty: Someone who looks toned and healthy.

Our Thoughts: We spoke to the guys…grilled them actually. Frankly speaking, they didn’t even know being super skinny was a trend to begin with and they are also not aware that ‘Strong is the New Skinny’. They just want someone who not too skinny and not overweight – someone who is healthy and confident. We also think they have very realistic expectations when it comes to our bodies. Several mentioned that the Robyn may have been photoshopped. 

Photo Credit: David Gubert

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