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Hi there lovely!

Are you ready to find an EPIC loving relationship that truly rocks your world?

One where you won’t have to guess if a man is in it for the long haul?

One where you feel safe, secure and stable?

A man like that exists for you and frankly, I’m tired of seeing women who end up dating the wrong men.

Single to Loved Up is an 8 week 1:1 Intensive Coaching Program that will help you find a quality guy who is deeply committed to you…

one who absolutely adores you and most importantly, one who is ready to settle down, get married and have kids.


  • are done playing mind-games with men who aren’t really meant for you
  • want to know how to tell if a man is actually looking for a committed long-term relationship – and how to lock it down!
  • are no longer willing to settle for a mediocre relationship
  • want to know exactly how to take a relationship from casual to committed
  • want to embody the qualities that will make the right men fall in love with you
  • want to stop worrying if you’ll meet Mr.Right and finally enjoy dating
  • want to design a love life, EXACTLY the way you want it

I’ve met so many women who are smart, beautiful and talented in what they do but they struggle to find good men who want a commitment or men who offer the security we all crave.

A few years ago, I was one of them.

Even though I had a thriving career, a great group of friends, a cozy apartment by the beach and a supportive family, my romantic relationships were a constant disappointment.

I kept meeting men who weren’t ‘ready’ to settle down. I also met my share of self-proclaimed ‘commitment phobes’ who loved dating but not the commitment of something long term. Short flings and mini relationships would fizzle out, I had no idea what I was doing wrong.

The constant rejection was exhausting and a blow to my self-esteem. Maybe you can relate…

I was overwhelmed with fear that it was too late for me to meet someone, that all the good guys were gone. The fear would give me anxiety, to the point where I literally woke up in a panic some nights.

I tried online dating, read books and watched A LOT of Youtube videos on finding and manifesting love but my love life didn’t change.

All my friends were getting engaged or having babies and as I turned a year older each year, I literally felt I was running out of time.

Years of research, reading and a bit of trial and error,  I’ve finally nailed the exact steps to finding the love life you want.

And you don’t have to wait years to find your own love story.



In this 8 week program, we will work 1:1 to help you find the love you deserve.


Week 1 – The Mindset that Makes You “lucky” in Love

Finding a top quality guy has nothing to do with the way you look, how much you weigh or how old you are. It’s an inside job. Rock your single life while you’re waiting for your man to come into your life.

  • Discover the fears and blocks that are holding you back from the epic romance that awaits you
  • Develop a mindset that men find sexy
  • Create the confidence to attract men in your own skin
  • Simple daily exercises to feel great in your own body, regardless of your weight, what you wear or how you look
  • Uncover your relationship needs + get crystal clear on what you need in a man (most are usually surprised when they discover this)

Week 2 – Design your own love life 

Outcome starts with intention. Get the exact exercises I use to manifest lasting and deep love. In this week, learn

  • How to set intention to get anything you want in love and life
  • Exercises to manifest the love of your life (they really work!)
  • The law of attraction and how you can apply it in your day to day (not spiritual? It’s okay…there is science backing these methods)
  • Put affirmations in practice to fast track your way to your ideal man

Week 3 – Charm & Charisma

Charm and charisma have NOTHING to do with looks. When you’ve got it, you are magnet for love and admirers. Have you ever wondered why some women get all the attention even without bombshell looks? It has to do with charm and charisma. I personally LOVE this section of the program because you can apply the learnings in all of your relationships.

  • Learn how to make first impressions that will have everyone asking you out
  • Identify your love language and learn how to get around having serious and awkward conversations (i.e. his intentions, when he’d like to settle down, if he’s ready to have babies…etc) that won’t send men running the other way
  • How charm can capture the attention of anyone you want (men, women, bosses, colleagues…etc)

Week 4 & 5 – Offline Dating Mastery

Online dating is great but there’s nothing like a real-life meet cute to tell your future children about. It’s easy to hide behind technology but you can meet great men offline. In week 4, you’ll learn

  • Where to find eligible and single men who many would call ‘husband material’ (the man drought does not exist)
  • Body language that makes you approachable (this is so important, you could be giving off the wrong signal without even knowing it)
  • Best flirting techniques (tried and test on our guy panel)

Week 6 & 7 – Online Dating

Don’t spend time dating the wrong men. Know how to attract the good eggs with online dating.  In week 6&7, I’ll take you through my most successful tips to online dating success. You’ll learn:

  • How to craft the perfect online dating profile (step by step, I’ll take you through the number of pictures you need to have, the kind of pictures you’ll need and what to write in those 2-3 line ‘About Me’ descriptions, pictures that make men swipe right)
  • How to message guys that help you stand out from the rest + what to do when men ask for a booty call or a ‘sexy’photo
  • Online dating timelines, when you should arrange your first blind date, when to take the conversation offline and how to approach it

Week 8 – Dating from Casual to Serious

By week 8, you’ll be dating and having fun but I know the goal here is to find a serious, committed relationship, a guy that’s in it for the long haul. In week 8, learn

  • The difference between a woman he dates vs one he wants to marry (and how to embody the qualities of the latter)
  • How to get through the early stages of dating i.e. What to do when guys go hot and cold, how to find out if he’s seeing other people, at what frequency should you be calling or texting a guy
  • How to turn casual dating to serious
  • When it’s okay to have the ‘what are we’ talk and how do you do it without scaring him away



  • Create impact and influence in all areas of your relationship (i.e. with potential partners + your colleagues, your boss, your family…)
  • Never worry about turning up to family gatherings, weddings and coupled dinners alone
  • Have the confidence to attract quality guys who adore you
  • Live a life you’re in love with (this is the game changer in your love story)
  • Experience a love that’s deep and meaningful, where a wedding and kids are in sight and neither of you are skirmish in talking about it


I’ve been a self love and relationships coach for 5+ years. It all started with a blog but that only fuelled my passion to help others find the level of love I’ve been blessed to experience. My work is a result of my studies in psychology, psychotherapy and coaching. I’m 100% dedicated in achieving results with my clients. For me, results mean seeing them free from emotional blocks, in nurturing relationships, in a state of unconditional self love. Clients who work with me have found love, released their anxiety of being single – and started to LOVE dating.

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  • 8 (60min) x Coaching Calls with me where each week we’ll work through an area of focus
  • Unlimited email support (you know those times you get a text you don’t really know how to respond to…you can ask me)
  • Unlimited reviews of your online dating profiles (we’ll work together to create a profile that brings out the all the great things you have to offer)
  • Worksheets and resources so you can  do the work in between our weekly calls



Book a 30 minute Clarity Call to see if we’re a match.


  1. You book a 30 minute phone call with me.
  2. We chat about all the things going on in your love life and the kind of guy and relationship you desire
  3. AND decide if we’re a match to work together
  4. You make an investment on a coaching package and I will send through and contract and a welcome package so we can really get deep into all the things that are holding you back.
  5. We set up a weekly coaching call.
  6. During our weekly calls, we will map out exactly what you want to achieve in your relationships and I will work with you to achieve them. We tackle any challenges that come your way together. I REALLY want you to find the relationship you desire, which is why you’ll also have access to me between our coaching calls.

Sounds good? Let’s chat!